Vintage Cruisers Cruise Our Streets Again

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Here we are…one year later. If you look back at our past blogs, the Vintage Cruisers from Mesa came back to help us with special events to commemorate Sunsites’ 50th anniversary. On Wednesday, March 28, the Cruisers drove to Old Pearce to tour the Old Mercantile Store and to help dedicate the first of two plaques explaining why the Pearce Post Office is in Sunsites. President of the Old Pearce Preservation Association, Don Hammer, spoke to the group and explained the many activities that go on in “Old Pearce”.
At noon, we all headed to the golf course for a special balloon lift-off sponsored by the Friends of the Pearce-Sunsites Library.
The photos in this slide show were taken by my friend Carol Cartmell, and I love the photo of me with the “hands” announcement board. If you look closely, you can see the cover of the 50th anniversary Arizona SunSites book that will be available for sale through the library beginning next week.
After the balloon lift-off, and two more displays of the Vintage Cruisers’ cars (one at Great Western Bank and one at the golf course), the day ended with the dedication of the plaque at the “new” Pearce Post Office. The photos show Ralph Score from Valley Telecom practicing the “unveiling” of the plaque with Murray McClelland, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, and Bill Bothman on the right, the Postmaster. Bill hugs our special guest, former Postmaster Jessie Lee.


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